Friday, February 24, 2012

All in a Days Work

The past few weeks have been great at the office. I am learning alot, and getting alot done. I love talking to the Attorneys when I get the chance to just to pick their brain a bit. One of them was previously an immigration judge, which I thought was pretty cool (besides being super excited to really see what he does). I kind of stepped out of what I was doing after I first started. I mean I still answer some phones, but now that is in between typing up documents for clients, or even court documents. I really enjoy it, once I finish my draft I sit with an attorney and go over whether it was correct or not (I usually do it right though, not to brag). Overall, It has been a really good experience, and I am learning loads. This experience is really helping me decide what I want to do in life. It is also helping me open up new doors that I was always afraid of opening. On another note, MY BEST FRIEND WORKS ACROSS THE STREET!!! So that just made this ten times better!

Anyways, YOLO! have fun

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