Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dual Citizenship

The other day I was talking with one of the attorneys about Dual Citizenship. I have dual citizenship to Jordan and the US, even though I was born in the US. He was telling me that in order for me to ever work in a government position (which he knows is my main goal) I would have to renounce my other citizenship. At first I was confused as to why that was necessary, but he explained that working in the government requires complete allegiance to the US because if some political conflict between either country occurred, those who govern us have to automatically stand by the nation. This is obvious, but it was something that I had never thought about before. I began to wonder what I would do if something like this were to occur. Would I support the US or Jordan? Obviously I would support the US because I was born and raised here, and my moral being is derived from American principles. But would I be able to renounce my other citizenship? I love Jordan, and it is such a great part of my life. I would definitely stand with my country, but I would be very upset if I had to renounce my citizenship. Also, I have a home overseas, and my father has other assets there as well. By renouncing my citizenship I would lose access to all of that. I understand why allegiance to the US is important, but it bothers me knowing that one day I may have to choose between the two.

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