Monday, April 30, 2012

Packet 4

This is kind of an offshoot from my last blog. When I was talking with George about my immigration case, I also told him about the packet three that I had prepared for my fiance about a month before his interview with the embassy in Amman. I told him about how i went all OCD on the file by compiling a binder, which I had sectioned off by each application that was needed. I had inserted a cover letter for each, and a table of contents at the beginning, so all he had to do at the interview was look at the front page and go to the designated tab. I also had all of the pictures, and copies of receipts, airline tickets, and the skype messages and call logs. He was impressed, but I knew that he still didn't get the magnitude of how amazing and organized it was. Even the interviewer in Amman was impressed, and when he was pulling out the sheets that he needed to keep he told my fiance that he felt bad for ruining the beautiful work I did. Usually people go to these interviews with a big file that has everything inside. It is usually not very organized, and hard to find what you are looking for, because the packet 4 has about 10 applications/forms in them besides the proof. anyways, when I went to Amman during spring break I took the file back from Mohammad so that I can show George, and when he saw it he told me that I will be doing that for his clients when they have to prepare the packet 4. Obviously, this made me happy because when someone recognized that my work is as awesome that it is, it just boosts my morale. I think I am good at what I do because when I am passionate about something I become so detail oriented its crazy!

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